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We always spend Christmas in the Florida Keys with Michael’s sister BB and her husband Steve. You’ll often hear people say “Merry Keysmas” to each other, and lots of the Santas you see around are wearing shorts and Hawaiian shirts. Our brother-in-law Steve usually sets up his train set (yes, Steve is a grown man, but it’s a very cool grown-up train set). The night before Christmas we celebrate Nochebuena, which means the Good Night, and eat tons of food, including roast pork, chicken and rice, rice and beans, yuca, and too many desserts, with family and friends from the neighborhood who come by BB and Steve’s house. Steve’s sons, and their girlfriends or wives and children are usually there, as are Michael’s parents and his cousin Lisa. Their friends Betty and Rob come with their son, and several other friends stop by to say hi, so it’s always really livelyin the late afternoon to early evening. After dinner just the family remains and we usually sit on the big couch and watch Christmas movies like Elf, Krampus, Die Hard, Nightmare Before Christmas, Love Actually, andthe Grinch. We all wake up early on Christmas day to open presents. Sometimes BB and Steve get us silly T-shirts from Old Navy so everyone matches. It’s always lovely family time. We almost always go out on the boat afterwards in the early afternoon, eat sandwiches, fish, and just enjoy the sun and water. It’s pure magic.

Mike’s Growing Up Story

I was born and raised in Manhattan in New York City. My parents, Neal and Dori, are both doctors, and incredibly loving. I’ll share a bit more about them later, but we’re still very close. I have one older sister, Abbe. She was pretty cool to me. She went to a music and art school and played the flute really well. When I was young, I was into comic books and baseball cards, cartoons and sports. My dad was a big Yankees, Giants, and Knicks fan, so that’s what I became too. I played sports a lot, especially basketball. I went to summer sleep-away camps that were mainly sports focused, including basketball and tennis camps, from when I was 9 to 14. 

As opposed to much of my previous schooling, high school was a much bigger specialized science and math school. Since my parents were both doctors, they really helped me with science and math in school and that helped me when I took the test to get into the school. High school was the best school experience I ever had, and I am still friends with many of the kids I went to school with, Jason, Lauren, Sarah, Aanal, Durwin, Felix, and more. We were inseparable in school, and still talk frequently. We all were very into music, especially hip hop. Hip hop in New York in the early 90s was incredible, and I still have the best memories of going to see concerts of groups like A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Public Enemy, Busta Rhymes and countless others. It felt like we went to a concert every week. I enjoyed my college and graduate school experiences as well, where I focused on literature. I met Michael soon as I was entering Grad School.

What’s Important to Us

Family is key, and we always make time for each other. We get to see Mike’s parents and sister + nephews frequently, but always make sure to plan a couple of trips to see Michael’s family each year. Our friends also bring a lot of happiness into our lives. We get so much joy from our friendships, and rely on them for so much emotional support. Our family and friends are all so excited about our adopting a baby. I can’t wait for them to provide love and support to our child like they have to us over the years. Our passions and interests have allowed for us to grow with each other. We’re always interested in exploring all the amazing cultural offerings New York has to offer, and going to museums, art galleries, the theater, and concerts has given us the opportunity to see the world through other’s eyes and to constantly learn about new things. We can’t wait to see those things through a child’s eyes. Our mental and physical health is, of course, vital to our enjoying all of these things. We love going on walks and runs, and playing tennis or working out together for the physical side. For the mental health, having so much love and support from our families, being able to have time to read and enjoy activities apart from work is key. Time is another thing that we value. While work is important to us, and we are fortunate to have good, stable careers, we both feel it’s necessary to find time for our interests and leisure and all of the other things we’ve talked about that are important to us. We are so excited to make a shift in the way we spend our time once our baby comes into our lives.


We have many friends with kids, and have had the pleasure of being a part of their lives as they have been growing up, but the closest kids to us are our nephews, David and Jason. We are lucky that they are being raised just a few miles from us in downtown New York City. David is 16 going on 30. He’s becoming so mature, and not just in that little peach fuzz under his nose. He’s a pleasure to have a conversation with, whether about things that are going on in the news, at school, in the NBA or NFL. He’s not shy about sharing his opinions. And while he is growing up fast, he’s still a big kid at heart, who loves to laugh, play hoops (plays on his high school team and in a separate league), listen to rap (like his uncle did), hang out with his big friend group, and watch Netflix shows. He also sometimes likes to pick on his little brother, Jason, but that’s to be expected. Jason, who is 13, looks up to David a lot. He likes many of the same things David does, especially basketball. He’s incredible at numbers and is a little math genius. He loves to analyze football stats and knows so much about the players. He’s a great student, but also one of the best basketball players in his class. He’s on his middle school team and also plays in another league. We’re so fortunate that Michael’s sister Abbe has allowed us to really be active uncles. We spend a lot of time with them, whether at family events or in the Hamptons at Abbe and Abe’s house for weekends in the Spring and Summer. We’ve taken our nephews snowboarding and to basketball games, but our best trip still is when we went to Disneyland to visit Mike’s parents, who were staying in California.


We are incredibly fortunate to have a really big friend circle from all different parts of our lives. Whether Mike’s high school friends or Michael’s friends Dixie and Nicole from working at the record store when he was 15, friends from work or ones we’ve made together from living in the city for so long, we are frequently surrounded by friends. We love going to dinner at Pedro and Greg’s house for an amazing meal, meeting up with Lauren, Felix, Sarah, Aanal and their families in a park to just soak up the sun and catch up on what’s been going on, going to the movies with Michael3 and his fiancé, James, playing tennis with Durwin, going to art galleries or the theater with Fred, a filmmaker friend of ours. We go out to Fire Island a few times a year. It’s so amazing to have a beach right outside of your door at those times. We also really like going upstate to Mike’s parents’ house, both when they are there and when they’re not there and bring friends and their children and make meals, go strawberry picking, and just sit, talk, and listen to music on their screen porch. Those are some of our favorite times. We adore these things and we are ready to do these wonderful things as fathers, bring a child strawberry picking, cooking as a family for friends and family, hanging out on the screen porch playing games and listening to music, walking in the country and exploring nature.

Michael’s Growing Up Story

While Mike was growing up in the fast-paced city, it was all sunglasses and bathing suits in Miami, where I grew up. While I live in New York now, I’ll always be a Miami boy at heart. My parents, Angel and Ileana, both came from Cuba in the 1960s and made a home in Miami. My father worked for AT&T before he became an economics professor, and my mother was a school administrator. My older sister, Beatriz aka BB, and I both went to Catholic school and excelled in academics. My parents loved to take us to Disney World in Orlando. I loved it so much that as a kid I wanted to grow up to be a roller coaster designer. I still love Disney and can’t wait for our child to experience the Disney magic like I did. Like Mike, I was also very into music growing up. My first job at the age of 15 was at a record store called Specs. I became a buyer at the store and was obsessed with music, mainly British music like The Cure, The Smiths, Depeche Mode, New Order, George Michael, and lots of obscure groups no one has ever heard of except for real music nerds. I went to a lot of concerts, but I wanted backstage access, so I started a free music magazine, Bizzare, that had distribution throughout Florida. Being the editor of a music magazine provided me with contacts with record companies and ultimately got me backstage to meet a lot of great bands. I focused on Economics and Art History at Columbia University, but I knew I really wanted to be in the music business, so I interned at record companies during my semesters. When I graduated, my first job was in the Latin American division of Warner Music, giving me the opportunity to travel throughout Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela and Colombia as well as the United States. It was while I was working there that I met Mike.

Hi, our names are Michael and Michael. First and foremost, we want to thank you for taking the time to read and learn about us. We understand and appreciate how serious this decision you’re making is, and we’re hopeful that by sharing more about who we are, you’ll have a better sense of what kind of parents we would be. We are grateful and feel blessed that you are considering us as adoptive parents of your child as we love children and have always dreamed about being fathers. 

We know that if you are thinking about adoption, you are an incredibly courageous person. We understand the strength and love that considering this decision takes, and hopefully, by giving you a bit more about who we are, you’ll recognize that we can create a wonderful, supportive home for a child. Should you choose to bless us with raising your child, we would be so incredibly grateful to you for your sacrifice to make up parents. 

Michael and Michael. Yes, I know, it’s a bit of a funny situation. Even crazier is that our friend who introduced us is also Michael. It’s not that challenging, though. A lot of our friends call slightly shorter Michael with the salt-and-pepper beard “Michael” and the other “Mike,” so you can get to know each of us, I’ll refer to us like that.

Our Strengths and Values

We’re excited to create a loving, stable home for your child. As hard as it can be to talk about one’s own strengths without sounding egotistical, we believe we owe it to you as a way for you to start to imagine the type of home it will be. We both have been there for our friends and families when they want to talk about serious issues, whether around health, love, or struggles. That’s a testament to our abilities to listen well, our supportive natures, and compassionate hearts. We are both non-judgmental, but also able to provide good judgment and fair advice, helping provide clarity around decisions others may make and consequences of their actions. We believe this will only be a benefit when raising a child, instilling core values, and then giving them the tools to make foster good judgment skills.

We talked a bit earlier about unconditional love, and can’t wait to practice that with your child as we do with our families and core friends. Related to love, we believe that kindness and politeness are keys to creating a better society. Whether lending a hand to someone we don’t know, sending a kind note to a friend who hosted us for dinner, sharing a beautiful art work with people we know will enjoy it, cleaning up balloons and water bottles that were left or washed up on a beach, forgiving a friend for being cruel, kindness can take many different forms. Importantly, we believe that kindness shouldn’t just be practiced when people are watching, as a way to signal virtue, but when nobody’s looking.

Why We Want a Family

We’ve always talked about adopting a child, so it’s always been a question of when we would be blessed by adoption. We’ve always felt like we have so much unconditional love and support to give but we wanted to wait until we had successful careers so that we could completely devote our lives to a child. We were both raised in incredibly loving homes, and we want to create a home that is full of joy, where we can share that love and build something wonderful. We share many of the same values and look forward to bringing up a child together. We will always be good role models and be honest, loyal, dependable, socially conscious, ethical, and loving. We’ve always loved being around and caring for kids, and being able to be in Mike’s nephews’ lives is one of the highlights of our lives. Adoption has been a wonderful part of our lives for many years as our close friend, Andrew and his husband Tony became parents through adoption. We’ve been a part of their lives and watched as their kids have grown up. Andrew always told us how meaningful being a father is. We’ve been so fortunate to have him and Tony as models for fatherhood.

Thank you from the deepest part of our heart

We hope this has helped you to learn about our values and the kind of life we hope to offer you child. We would be thrilled to learn more about you and your dreams and aspirations for your child.

Please feel free to contact us at our toll-free number: 800-935-0881 or email at

If you have any questions about us or the legal process, please feel free to contact our attorney. She will be happy to speak with you.

Whatever decision you make, we wish you peace and comfort.

With love, 
Mike and Michael

Trustworthiness and honesty are two additional strengths. When we give our word to someone, we do everything within our powers to follow through and live up to that word. “Word is bond” is another way to explain it. Our reputations and honor are built on friends’, families’, and colleagues’ ability to trust what we tell them and our taking responsibility for our words and actions. We pride ourselves on our forthrightness and straightforwardness, and our follow through on the things we say. 

Finally, our gratitude for our lives, friends and family is something we exercise every day. We are so fortunate and have so much good in our lives. We feel it’s really important to have gratitude for the positive, for our health and our family and friends’ health, for great experiences we have. Showing gratitude for the positive also allows us to put more difficult or uncertain times into perspective. We are expressing gratitude right now for your having taken the time to read through this and consider us as a home for your child. Thank you!

Please call or text us 1-800-935-0881

Our Families are so excited for us to adopt and welcome your child with open arms

Please call or text us 1-800-935-0881

We are so ready to be completely devoted dads.

We have lived together in Williamsburg in Brooklyn for 17 years, and have seen the neighborhood change immensely. What was once an area filled with bars and clubs has become one with streets filled with strollers and young families. We are across the street from a playground, basketball court, and an elementary school. We hear kids laughter and screams and cries and yelps every day we are home, and it’s an incredible soundtrack to the city. It has been part of the fuel of our desire to adopt.

Every Winter, Mike’s parents go to California for the winter. We decided it would be fun if we brought David and Jason out with us for some time with their grandparents and also to take them to Disneyland. Having grown up in Florida, Michael went to Disney all the time. Family trips. School events. Trips with friends. Graduation. Disney was usually involved. He even wanted to be a roller coaster designer when he was a kid. We had the best time and can’t wait to bring your child to Disneyland and DisneyWorld.

We love to take advantage of everything New York has to offer, whether it’s concerts, theater, museums, or botanical gardens. There is something to do every day, and while we like to keep busy, we also love to hang out with friends at the park or for a dinner. Sometimes staying in and catching up with the latest show on Netflix or HBO, or an old movie with some microwave popcorn (or even pan popped with some butter and salt, yum!), is the best way to spend a day. Or the ideal day could just be putting some music on and spending the day together. We’re ready to devote our hearts and adventures to your child, exploring everything amazing that New York City has to offer. 

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Happily married, financially secure couple will love & cherish your baby. A wonderful future filled with doting & adoring parents, grandparents & cousins, beautiful beaches & ocean adventures, amazing education and so much more.

Valid Adoption Home Study

Expenses Paid

We’ve both been working from home during COVID, which allows us to hear kids playing every day. Mike has a successful career in book publishing and Michael is a social media technology expert. Mike has been at the same company for nearly 20 years and has a huge love of books. In other words, he has too many! He loves to read, so I guess it’s not that big of an issue. Michael has shifted from music marketing, where he worked for about 15 years, to television, to the intersection of television, technology, and social media. Think of the Oscar’s or Superbowl incorporating Twitter, Instagram or TikTok posts into their show. It might not be as exciting as traveling the world with an international pop superstar, which he got to do many times, but it certainly is an exciting, cutting-edge field. Now that we are both top of our careers, we have the time and flexibility to be really involved fathers.

Michael’s parents, Ileana and Angel, still live in Miami. His sister, BB, lives in the Florida Keys, about an hour from his parents. They are also really close and see each other at least once a week. We visit them at least 4 times a year and always for two to three weeks over Christmas. We love spending time with his parents in the house, watching TV or movies, or going out to PF Changs or a neighborhood Indian restaurant. We love visiting BB and her husband, Steve, in the Keys. They are both lawyers, but live the perfect, relaxed Keys life, with two adorable dogs, Penny and Khaleesi, a boat, a pool with a nearby outdoor TV where we can watch games, a hot tub, and fishing off the dock. Our brother-in-law, Steve’s son Jason and Michael’s cousin Lisa live in the Keys too, so we always see them when we are there, and our brother-in-law, Steve’s other sons Tyler and Kenny are usually there over the holidays with Kenny’s wife Kyla and their young son. We love going on the boat with Captain Steve to the sandbar or to a restaurant or just fishing. The water is unbelievable, and the fish are usually biting. Oh, and every time we’re in the keys we have toget stone crabs at Key Largo Fisheries. Sometimes the claws are as big as your head if you get the colossal size!

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We’ve been happily together for 24 years.

We met at a party where we had a mutual friend who is another Michael. We’ll refer to him as Michael3 as so many Michaels is probably a bit confusing. Michael3 introduced us and we both talked the rest of the night, bonding about music, theater, art, and just life. We became friends that night, as it took about six months until we shared our first kiss on the street saying good night to each other after a night out. After that we were inseparable. We went to see Titanic at the theater as one of our first dates. Maybe it sounds a bit cheesy now, but it was such a romantic movie, and holding hands in the theater was a memory that will be with us forever.

We always celebrate Thanksgiving with Mike’s family in New York. It was his grandmother Adele’s favorite holiday, and his parents, Dori and Neal, have carried on the tradition. Dori is an amazing cook and baker and always makes the turkey and stuffing, as well as dessert. The rest is potluck, with assignments going out weeks before, and warnings not to test out any crazy new recipes! We usually are assigned a green vegetable or the sweet potatoes (one with and one without marshmallows, if you’re wondering). It’s a warm family affair with Mike’s sister and her husband, Abbe and Abe, their kids, our nephews Jason and David, Abe’s daughters Rachel and Jackie, Jackie’s husband Alvise and their newborn son Andrea, Dori’s best friend Susan, cousins Bob and Rosie and their son Sam, and often a friend or two of ours who may not have a place to go for the holiday, like Fred, Dixie, or Dallas. Everyone tells us that we will be great fathers and we long to include a child in the family festivities. We usually arrive at around 4. Mike, nephews Jason and David, Neal, and Sam usually watch some football, we eat hors d’oeuvres that someone brought (Jackie usually makes bourekas, a puff pastry dish with filling, that she learned from Abe’s mom). We sit for dinner in the early evening at two separate tables, one of which is called the kids table, though the kids are usually mixed around. While it usually is at Mike’s parents’ house, recently we’ve been entrusted with the turkey and hosting, which we have loved, as it feels like Mike’s mom is passing the tradition along. 

Holidays like New Year’s Eve or July 4th, we tend to spend with friends in Miami, or the Hamptons, or Fire Island, though these have never felt as important, because they didn’t center family. We are so excited to create new traditions as fathers. It’s been so long since we painted Easter eggs or had a hunt, and we are really looking forward to those things we loved doing as kids.

We want to have our child have lots of experiences and expose them to many different things. Whether it’s playing sports together or taking them to museums, helping them build Lego models or enrolling them in robot school (I want to go too!), we want them to try a lot of different things so they can figure out what interests them. We don’t have a vision of what we want our child to be, but rather want them to be able to follow the paths that interest them most. Obviously that will take patience and dedication, but we’ll be there to encourage and help them. That goes for their education too. We both were fortunate to have really strong support from our parents and we want to provide that same support, whether that’s helping out with homework or learning something new together. The opportunity to grow together as a family is really one of the most exciting aspects of this journey. We can’t wait!

How We Plan to Raise a Family

We are so excited to be parents and have often talked about how we want to be as parents and as a family. Unconditional love is something we practice with each other and can’t wait to share that with our child. Of course that doesn’t mean we won’t correct and guide our child, but we want to do that in a nurturing and encouraging way, making it clear that our love is there regardless. Some of that guidance will be about building the child’s self-esteem and confidence, whether praising them when having done good or allowing them the space to accomplish things on their own. We aren’t naïve, though, and don’t think parenting is all high fives and celebrating accomplishments. Having house rules will be important, but within reason. Basic things like cleaning up after oneself, telling the truth, apologizing when wrong, brushing teeth, and no name calling are straightforward and will be helpful for the child to understand what’s expected. When discipline is necessary, we want it to be consistent with warnings and then an escalation like time out or loss of privileges, and most importantly, consistency between the two of us. That will take communication and patience. We want to make sure that we take the time to explain to our child as best as we can. We also want to try to be good role models for our child, knowing that children learn by watching. Mike’s dad likes to say “Model the behavior you want to see from others.” All of this sounds great on paper, but we also recognize parenting is difficult and takes a lot of flexibility, so we don’t expect things to proceed on our schedule or as we imagine it. We know we need to be flexible and change our parenting style as the child grows and changes.

Family is central to both of our lives and everyone is very supportive of our decision to become fathers through adoption. We are both so fortunate that both of our sets of parents are still married and still in love. We both have one sister who is three years older than we are. Mike’s family all lives in New York, and all just a few minutes away. This makes for some lively dinners with his parents, Neal and Dori, his sister and brother-in-law, Abbe and Abe (I guess we all like people with names like our own?), and our two rambunctious nephews, Jason and David (whom we adore). Dori, Mike’s mother, was adopted, so adoption has always been a natural part of and valued in our family. Sometimes Abe’s daughters from a previous marriage, Jackie and Rachel, join us, and more recently Jackie’s husband, Alvise (Al-veez-a…he’s Italian), and their son, the newest addition to our family, cousin Andrea (they are now pregnant with twins!). We are blessed to have that incredible family so close to us. Whether we are having lunch on my parents’ terrace or watching football with my sister’s family or having homemade pasta that Alvise made, it’s wonderful being able to share so much time with family

Please call or text us 1-800-935-0881

Please call or text us 1-800-935-0881